Drizzlin's always taken an objective stance to an industry that is the centre of much hype today. We often take the 'so what' test to popular demands of fan likes, page views, databases - we believe all of them make sense when they make sense to your business. We often find reason through public sentiment online and constantly ask ourselves how effective engagement could mean better business for you.

What Do We Offer?
Insight and Engagement
Insight: Learn straight from the heart. Unlike traditional market research our ‘observational research’ solutions source only from unsolicited user generated conversations on the web.

Engagement: Dynamic, real time, informal, direct, candid are some of the attributes to the way we see building an effective engagement plan and guess what – this time we listen before we talk.

Our Pillars Of Engagement
Most of our clients are large companies that seek to connect with their customers using the web. Here are the key pillars of our engagement:


Customers: Awareness, Provision, Service, Loyalty – the cycle of customer engagement takes us to do all the above. A new face for you on social media or may be just a more responsive one. We help you listen to them and engage.

Employees: They are the ones who really represent who you are. They know more than your customers and they also have a voice online. Not just that your prospective ones are checking you online and they feel delighted to here from your current employees and not just that career’s page on the website. We help you listen to them and engage.

Community: We believe the social web is creating a whole new dimension to the sustainability discourse. No longer your community participation can only be seen through your annual report. People today question your sustainability mandate, its choice and it’s delivery. They can gather, lobby for change and also participate with you to design and deliver the agenda. We help you listen to them and engage.

How Do We Do It?
The Model
Discover Your Brand Perception Through UGC
Juxtapose It With Your Existing Brand Positioning
Identify Any Gaps
Bridge The Gaps